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Life in the Philippines


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Hi will Chloe mo Charlie 2 jags and 2 all fellow watchers of hideous 

it’s been a while since I last messaged I still watch all the ups and downs of the slots 

what a great win the other day that turned all around for him 

last time I messaged I was saying I was doing the making of English bread pies etc those I served said they enjoyed (that was great I knew they would )

people have said I should open a English restaurant they said it would do well but with the cost of the rent it’s a dream for the future I have now increased the distance I cycle every morning to 25 kilometres it’s great first thing of a morning the clean air and a breeze makes you feel good 

good for my asthma hooray for that 

well we now have a new president bong bong Ferdinand Marcos ( the son of dictator Marcos and Imelda (200 pairs of shoes) )he won by a landslide 

31 million votes next candidates 18 million (president Deturtes daughter is Vice President) will it make any difference to the ordinary people of the Philippines time will tell 

will it make any difference to the expats I don’t think so we will see 

will said he was moving house moving from the view of that lovely lake hope he has a nice place and great neighbours (tollerent of his shouting hehe)

hope the new house brings him great joy happiness health and many jackpots 

with your summer just around the corner enjoy have fun from me to you all 


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