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Gamble those spins ! Pointlessly ?


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Let's start by getting the solid numbers out the way. RTP is king. Yes, there is some leeway BUT that leeway is all there is and then RTP is the LAW.
Volatility is irrelevant her as it just makes it seem more complex and then you realise it doesn't matter because RTP must be met by deadline. It's the law. It's usually a secret but it is the law. RTP must be met by a set time. 

So. Let's use a nemesis or two : Chilli Vs Montezuma - One you can gamble, one you can't.
Chilli. 8 spins. Gamble gamble gamble gamble to 24 spins and you can even get a retrigger during that.
Montezuma. X spins, retrigger a billion times. 

1 spin and cascades on Chilli can pay an idiotic amount of money.
1 spin on Monte x10 fullscreen of beaky and the rest is history.

But gambling the spins can give you NOTHING. Not gambling the spins can give you leeway 2x 0x 10x all amounting to nothing, easily absorbed.

So is it really pointless gambling the spins ?

The next argument : We all know reel king can pay 500x but you have to gamble to get 1000x so does a winning gamble mean you would get 2 500x almost in a row if you don't gamble it ?

While we can't say unless we know : RTP balance must be reached by Friday lunchtime, it does have a set time, date and agenda.

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