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UK Online casino's with good RTP's.


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Just wondering if people know which casinos in the UK have the highest rtp on their games. Some of the new sites are just getting ridiculous going as low as 92%, when playing on a small budget you're getting very entertainment in a couple of hours session more regularly. 

I love Platin Casino and Hideous plays on there a lot. They're great for their Rtp, however they don't seem to be releasing new games? Is this because they're phasing out UK players?

Anyway, love the streams and good luck on the slots.

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I'm sure there will be people with experience of this, but I'm not actually sure myself as I only really use the one brand (Videoslots) and theirs isn't the highest available. However you'll always be safe with Relax Gaming and Big Time Gaming no matter where you play as they have a fixed RTP, and I'll have a look and see if I can find any others.

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Awesome, thanks.

Love play n go games and being able to play them at 96% is the best, good on platin casino for that. Just a shame they dont release them very quickly in the UK.

Amazing stream last night. And thanks for the entertainment.

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