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Moon princess 100 freebie hit

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Stuck a tenner on plaza royal to finish a lil devil build I started yesterday . Got 20 free spins with deposit and it went a bit crazy. 2 bonuses 20 spins and 8 spins . First paid 109 and the next 7.50. Now I have a crap ton of wagering to do but will keep me occupied for a bit. Lovely hit. I don't really understand the game tho tbh lol



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Well I have been wagering this solid for the last 2 days and managed to get the balance up over 300 but I had only managed 7 % of the wagering. At this rate it would take me weeks and I aint comfortable pushing the stake up so I decided to forfeit and withdrew 80 quid which was processed in minutes. Not a bad result in the end . I just got the feeling if I had carried on I would have blown the lot. I also managed to build a balance of 100 on Mr vegas and went to withdraw but they now over a year after joining and several transactions they want me to verify my account. I have to send 4 different things in. This pisses me off. I am fully verified on videoslots which is a sister site so you would think it would cover you on that group of casinos. Also I really aint comfortable sending bank statements in. This is a step too far imo and really intrusive. Maybe its time to quit the slots because its gonna get worse . My wife has had trouble with failed payments on casino lab and has been waiting a month to get a withdrawal which is bloody ridiculous. This is all about safer gambling apparently but being messed around is far more stressful than losing a little bit of money. Most of my deposits are 10 or 20 quid and it just seems to much ballache personally. I had no issues with transactions since I started playing slots but now I am getting hassle all the time. Starting to lose interest because of all of this and any casino that messes me around will never see another penny of my money. I am sure some others are feeling the same . The levels of control and dictatorship in this country are a joke and nanny state is the right description. Sorry for the rant but that's how I feel. The new laws and regulations are being manipulated by certain casinos and don't even get me started about gas and electric. How is this being allowed to happen and we all sit back and just accept it. The amount of people who are struggling with money and mental health now is obscene. Some of you that play big stakes must be really stressed going through all these issues trying to get your money sometimes. Good luck to you all but I think my gambling days are comng to an end. 

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Sorry for going on again but I get like this sometimes and I need to speak. I wanted to add a bit more about the Mr vegas thing . I had put 25 pure cash on.  No bonus or anything and I had been playing quite a few games and my balance was up and down but I got a tenner up and thought I might just withdraw. This is when it told me I couldn't and I would have to verify . Had a look what was required . The copy of bank statement is what got me wound up.  Then I was thinking to myself I would rather lose the money than send them in. So I kind of tried to lose my money and it backfired a bit. Had a  335 X win on karen maneater with 4 scatters 20p . Now I have 100 quid.  Typical lol.  This got me thinking maybe slots aren't for me anymore. I have a real issue with these checks. To me it's the equivalent of walking down the street with my dangger out.

Not sure I want any part of it anymore if that's what it's come to. 

Could someone answer me that if I refuse to send this in will they just bump me of my money. What is my legal standing in this and some advice would be great. 

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