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Darren Smith

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Is anyone else having issues with playgrand and withdrawals, 

I deposited with a card on my first deposit and then found using PayPal was better, But there telling me i cant withdraw via PayPal... And weirdly my withdrawals show up on my account history but there not in my pending or accepted withdrawals is this normal behaviour for this casino ive not had this issue before, i spoke to online chat who say that it will go onto the card its registered with.. But ive had no conformation email either... This isnt slating grand casino as i think its very well set up an simple to use just a general question to see if thats normal 


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Quite often any withdrawal attempt will show in the history, but if you loaded on desktop it may have more information to show it was refused. I can't be sure of that though as it's a mobile screenshot. With the withdrawals, you usually have to balance payment methods before moving onto another - if you deposit £100 for example via debit card, and then switch and deposit £10 via PayPal, you'd need to withdraw £100 back to your card before you can begin to withdraw via PayPal. This is standard Money Laundering regulations, to avoid people using a casino account to move money between accounts. There will be a pending period, so if you're still within that I would expect you'll get a confirmation email once it has been approved, but if you don't get one and Live Chat have said it is approved I wouldn't worry - not every casino sends a confirmation of withdrawal 🙂

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