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KYC check , again !


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November the 1st and as sure as eggs are eggs another KYC and SOW check from my friends at Leo 😩


I think they must be mistaking me for ‘Don Richard Gotti Jones’ that famous money launderer 🤣

Bloody hell so annoying.

At least this time I took a leaf out of Chloe’s article and saved everything in a ready made attachment so not quite so infuriating.


All they need to do now is read the bloody thing and re enable my account 🤨



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I got a bit annoyed with amazon slots kyc the other week. Signed up via hideous, deposits fine, lost a bit then a month later I won some, was a few hundred up, tried to withdraw just my original deposit of 200 and they wouldn't let me even though no kyc to deposit 5 times over a 6 week period. 

I think some of the casinos are very good at it but others focus the checks on withdrawl which I think is wrong way to do it

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