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Spicy Meatballs


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Good morning looking forward to watching Sunday stream though can’t watch till lunchtime chilli and rice 

waiting to see if any spicy meatballs will be happening hope so 

when safe to resume holiday come to the Philippines very nice casinos 

After winning at the casino back to our little house spicy meatball on the menu 

then a week of relaxation in Palawan a great place to visit underwater caves beautiful beeches 

then you return to uk all spicy meatballed up  have fun 

have a great week to you all 

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Yes plenty casinos the bigger ones are in Manila but we have 1 down the road from us 5min drive then in laguna at the racetrack there is a casino all operated by pagcor 

Tagaytay where we used to live is overlooking taal volcano there is a bigger casino there surrounded by hotel’s restaurants proper tourist area 

The late president Marcos had a big house built overlooking the bay but he left the Philippines before it was finished its now been turned into a tourist attraction named The Palace in the sky 

The people park is where you can go horseback riding 2 jags children would have a great time 

then you can get a boat ride to talisay where the volcano is you can walk to the rim or take horse to the top sorry better stop now getting to sound like a tour guide hehe 

all in all a great place to visit my boys enjoy visiting us here plus everything is very affordable 

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