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Love seeing the big wins . Here’s the opposite 😕


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Having not played on line for a while , xmas etc, I loaded up a balance and decided to have a punt  :

mystery mission to the moon not usually a game I would play and boy should I not have gone anywhere near it 😕

671 spins (number registered on my auto clicker) biggest base hit £17 odd,  no bonus on 50p stake ! Imagine if I’d been playing this on a bigger stake ! Conclusion , had my arse handed to me 😠 maybe I should have run away sooner ah well 😕 If Bev reads this I’m going to be going on my own mystery mission 🤣🤣


BTG’s outlaw was my second choice oh dear 😢

377 spins a couple of decent base hits except this nympty decided to gamble them for free spins and lost 😠 

Had an enhanced bonus yippe ! Paid 172 x 🥴

All in all a Sundays gaming to forget and god help me if Bev decides to go out to the Grosvenor this month as I’ve done our monthly gambling budget 😢


Take care everyone 👍



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On 1/9/2023 at 10:11 PM, Hideous said:

I think it pays to include a few of these Pragmatics that I insist I don’t like. Games like Big Bass Bonanza have a really good chance of bonusing within 100 spins.

Doesn’t help you now though. What a terrible run!

Just like yourself I’m not a huge fan of pragmatics be they big bass or otherwise.


I did get sucked in to mission to the moon and I should have broken up the gameplay with other softer selections but hey ho I didn’t .we live and learn 🥴. Until I do it again 🤣🤣

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