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On 6/27/2021 at 7:50 PM, Keza09 said:

Hello everyone  just like to show my dog vinnie he loves being in the garden so thought I show you him 


Awww another sausage! He’s lovely. I need to turn notifications on for this thread I love seeing everyone’s pets 🐶

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My health hasn't been great recently and after a terrible night being sick and in discomfort I managed to finally get to sleep in the early hours this morning . My cat Smokey obviously sensed something was wrong and slept on my shoulder and looked after me. He has never done this before and  prefers my beautiful wife for cuddles. He appeared in our garden as a stray last year sitting in the rain looking sad and hungry . With the help of a local mad cat lady we got him cleaned up neutered dewormed and deflead and now he is part of our family .He loves nothing more than when we are all together sitting in between us being centre of attention. He just wanted to be loved by someone and I am glad he found us. Shame my other cat Twinkle hates him but a really touching story all the same. Bless him


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