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Word up Will. Sorry if this is wrong place for comment and apologies for being a "Derek" but i would love to see a bonus on jack and the beanstalk (old net ent version) on one of your future stream please. No worries if not, i appreciate you have to many requests as it is lol. Had a couple of 3000x wins years ago on it but the bonus like all can be a cock pastie. Cheers and good luck.

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12 hours ago, Hideous said:

We did it and landed a bonus!

wonderful, thanks very much u legend, just about to watch sat nights stream now at 3:30am as i work nights so im up but not in work as my exshaust just fell off as i left my street! cheers life haha, seeing this massage and knowing somewhere in the vid will be my little request has cheered me rihght up tho 🙂 hope it pays well. 

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