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Affordability Checks?


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Hi all, 

 long term viewer of Will but generally quiet watcher as my sense of humour doesnt always travel over the internet well.

Signed up at Mr.Green this week as a change from my usual Party, set my deposit limits as I follow sensible gaming, I dont play with money I cant afford to lose etc.. Deposited £100 and had a play on granny vs zombies, went back on this afternoon to continue but am unable to deposit at all despite having 99% of my deposit limits still not used. Contacted Support who have informed me that my personal deposit limits are not in use and that Mr.Green have put an account limit of £100 per month set. Is this a change in law or something new that I've never had experienced before? Ive done the usual KYC documents at various casino's with appropriate blanking out of some details like CVC numbers etc but there is no way I am prepared to forward on documents such as 3 months worth of bank statements, P60s/wage slips etc to an anonymous, third party website.  If there is no alternative I shall close my account as Im not signing up for a mortgage here which is about the only thing I am prepared to show these documents for.  

Not looking for alternative sites ( definatly not going to crypto sites) , this is more of a general rant at the feeling of being treated like a small child when I'm middle-aged. Can you imagine pubs and clubs being told to restrict to 2 pints maximum and if you want to have more , you have to give 3 months of medical results before being allowed to have a 3rd drink ?

Sigh, moan over.  Keep up the good work Will and Chloe, you've entertained me so much over the years but please, no more hot tub streams, a bare chested Will almost made me spill my cuppa tea !



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Yes, a lot of sites now automatically limit you to a fairly low amount unless you are willing to prove you can afford more. Not something that anyone in the industry wants, but regulations have made this either a requirement or necessary to avoid massive fines.

Not really a lot that can be done about it! Most Casinos will offer some sort of restriction on deposit. In some situations sticking with Casinos where you have had an account for a longer amount of time may give you a bit more freedom. 

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