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Unemployed and play with savings, had a win and Platin won't pay!!!

Jason D

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Please help!!!!

I play with my savings and top up a little each week, I've recently had a £650 win and tried to withdraw but Platin casino have requested a source of funds proof so sent a pdf of my bank statement (which currently has £700 in) and chose savings as my source of funds (this was one of their options) Platin have refused this saying I need to provide a P60, wage slip or tax return which I don't have and that these funds would be blocked after 30 days if I could not provide a satisfactory source of income. 

Please help, what can I do?



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You should explain your financial situation in detail, and that you are unemployed. Explain that this is the first time they’ve asked about your income, and you have not mislead them or misrepresented yourself.

Suggest that if they no longer wish to take your business, they should allow you to withdraw your balance and close your account.

They aren’t going to withhold your money. They probably just won’t allow you to play in the future. If they suggest any significant delay, say that you’ll take it straight to dispute resolution. I’m sure this will be resolved amicably. Never had any problems with them.

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