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Honesty Should Be The Only Policy


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Hey guys - just wanted to draw your attention to an article I wrote a few weeks ago, titled Honesty Should Be The Only Policy. If you haven't read it yet I would encourage it, as it discusses what I think are some really important factors of being in control of your gambling. It's important to always be honest with your friends/family, about the wins and the losses. Sometimes the outsider's perspective can help you see if things are maybe going in a direction they shouldn't - for example if you have chosen to chase your losses and it has paid off, a friend or family member could be the one to draw attention to that fact that although you got lucky, was it the right decision to begin with?

If you ever need someone to talk to you can message me, and if you feel like things are starting to feel a little out of your control remember you can utilise the options available on your accounts, including Time Outs, Curfews, and Deposit Limits. The option for GAMSTOP and GamBan also remain, as long term options (6 months plus).

Ollie also added some helpful links last night in this forum, and phone numbers: Available here

Read the article here

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This is so true Chloe a wasn’t honest in the past and ended up in a lot of bother with gambling, (financially and relationship wise)

now though I am open and honest about what a do and spend with the Mrs and a can enjoy the games again which is what it’s all about for me 👍

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