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UK player - Found a site that does bonus buys…is it legit?


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Hey all 

This might be a question for Will or Chloe. Here’s the story…

My girlfriend saw an advert on social media for a gambling site. She decided to download the app off the apple app store, sign up and got a win straightaway on Sweet Bonanza. Shes never gambled before, I’m a regular slots player…so when she I saw her I said lets see the site you are playing on. 

First thing I noticed was it had auto and turbo spins. Then I noticed the option for bonus buys…but how can this be with UK gaming being so strict? 
I decided to deposit and won £220 straightaway from a £20 bonus buy on Sugar Rush. It let me withdraw £150. I’ve since had two other withdrawals both £100. My girlfriend also has had a £60 withdrawal too. 

Is this site too good to be true and will I get banned at some point for being a uk player? 
Although everything shows as GBP on the site and my withdrawals are to a UK bank. So they must know I’m a UK player. Even spoke to support about an issue and nothing flagged up then. 

I’m a bit stumped as to whats going on and will it end badly or have I found the one site that will let uk players do bonus buys and other restricted gameplay. Anyone else had experience with this before? 

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I’m a bit wary of giving the name, don’t want people losing their money or having problems.
I did find out it’s definitely not UK licensed, I think its in Spain by the looks of it. Did read some reviews saying some UK players have had problems with verification but did get paid out. So might keep playing and see what happens cause the bonus buys are really fun 

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Yeah so as you’ve figured out the casino isn’t licensed.

It’s really strange that you’ve been able to download an app from the App Store since normally these are region specific and wouldn’t work. But to answer your actual question - I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t end badly.

We don’t encourage or endorse anyone gambling on a non UKGC licensed casino. There’s no player protection and no ADR if a dispute does arise, which is problematic as just the idea of being signed up is a dispute, since these sites shouldn’t accept UK players. On these other sites though, players attempt to circumvent the rules and hide the fact that they live in the UK, which is why they can often go some time with successful deposits and withdrawals.

In your case, you’re making payments to and from your UK bank account from the get-go. I would imagine this is guaranteed to become problematic. If you have a large withdrawal request or reach a certain threshold in deposits they can just close the account and give you the reasoning that you shouldn’t have joined in the first place, because you’ve made no attempt to conceal this.

I have to say this is weird. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a black market casino offering an app, UK bank transfers and GBP transactions site wide. When you say it’s in Spain do you mean it has a Malta Gaming Authority Licence? If it is then there’s been some sort of mix up upon signing up, the MGA Licence is a good one.

Or is it Curacao/other?

Either way, you should be wary. These things tend to be fun until they’re not. You’re an adult so if you feel comfortable knowing that one day you might have a withdrawal for £3,000+ that you lose and you won’t care, that’s your choice. But if you feel like that you might as well buy them on demo.

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Hey Chloe 

Thank you for replying and giving some insight. I was really surprised myself because of how strict the gaming laws are here. Also the fact its an app that has also been advertised to a UK market.

Funny thing is the app actually links to a casino of a different name to the app, but is a legitimate casino. Everything on the casino shows in GBP for me too. As you said I haven’t done anything to hide the fact I’m a uk player because I’ve downloaded and been given access via this app. Although I can sign directly to the casino too via a browser. Definitely strange thats why I wanted to ask if anyone else had come across this. 


I thought that might be the case if I do hit a big win or they ask for verification. Thanks for the advice and I’ll stick with uk gaming licensed casinos. At least I got to experience some bonus buys and wins that paid haha. 

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