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tips for making a shit cup of tea


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  1. keep reusing the same teabag until a complaint is issued. Rinse and repeat.
  2. stir the tea with the same spoon you've stirred a coffee with
  3. only boil the kettle till the waters just warm then use it to make the tea
  4. make the tea, leave it till it gets cold then microwave it.
  5. use milk that's just on the turn (this is an excellent excuse if you don't drink tea)
  6. buy shit teabags and stash them so whenever you are asked to make the tea you use the rubbish bags instead of the ones the drinker expects (this is a long term strategy and only works well if the drinker is too lazy to realise the good teabags never run out)
  7. as an addition to the above buy decaf teabags and see how long the drinker takes to notice.
  8. if the drinker insists on sugar always use a sweetener, the bitter the better.
  9. introduce something (non poisonous) to the tea again the bitter the better.

I'll add to this as i think of others techniques i've used.  

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