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8700x Wanted Dead or A Wild


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having a little bash, won a bit on Vending Machine which has been incredibly nice to me so bumped my stake up to £2 hoping to get lucky on Wanted Dead or a Wild. Got Lucky and then some!!!  got the Duel bonus, no wins till the 3 spin when this rolled in -





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It took me two days for the euphoria and shock to wear off! I've had  3 other 1000x wins this year, 2 of which were also on Wanted Dead or a Wild so definately my favourite game of all time 🙂

The casino paid out within 2 days and also sent a seperate email saying "we encourage you to think carefully about how you spend this money. More specifically, we suggest you don’t rush to redeposit these funds." which I guess is part of the safer gambling ethos but it did make me think about it harder.  Ive got very sensible deposit limits already in place so wont be losing it all back to the casino but I will be using some of my winnings to give the family a really over the top xmas.  My lad was asking for some money for xmas as he was saving up for a ps5, think father xmas might just be buying him one instead of a few gift vouchers like he's expecting 😃

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