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Easing of lockdown


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Now that restaurants pubs and many other places are due to open meeting more friend and family 

what are you looking forward to doing /seeing 

here in the Philippines where I live we are still in g c q which means I can’t go out other that exercise (cycling ) food shopping 

the rest of the time I am in side my small flat so cooking icecream /bread /and cakes helps time to pass 

Enjoy your day keep safe and enjoy meeting up again 

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I’ve got my 10 year wedding anniversary coming up, so we’ve organised family to come and look after the kids for us while we get away for the weekend. I’m really looking forward to having a few meals out with her, and might see if we can find a nice little bar so we can catch up whilst having a few cocktails. 

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Well done 2 jags 10 years wedded bliss 

a romantic place no where better then the Isle of Wight lovely walks along the beaches alum bay sands lovely restaurants all ready for that romantic meal and the gift you might give her diamond being the stone for 10 years of marriage enjoy where ever you go may you.have many more years of happiness enjoy

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