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Hello all, hope you're having a good week. A quick reminder that the stream this week will be Wednesday at 10am rather than Wednesday evening. It's the launch of King of Cats Megaways Playerselect™, Big Time Gaming's new release, so make sure to join the chat and let Will know your thoughts on the game. Nik from Big Time Gaming should be there as well for a while so he'll be able to answer any questions you have. There's a full review of the game here also - King of Cats Review

The real reason for this post though is to politely ask everyone to try to use the areas of the Forum provided rather than General Discussion all the time. I've tried to move as many previous posts as possible, but the point of the separate areas are so people can just read the topics they want to rather than having to go through every topic until they stumble across one they're interested in. There's General Discussion for Gambling, which should really be where anything generally related to Gambling goes, as well as Casinos, Slots, Big Wins, Introductions, Non Gambling Chat and Responsible Gambling. I know the Community General Discussion is close to the top, but it's for things relating to the Community, rather than Gambling.

Also if you could check the relevant area you're going to post in to check if there's a similar thread before posting too please. It means more discussions can start rather than each person just getting an answer and the next person asking a similar question separately. 


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