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Casoola (again)


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I’ve come to the conclusion that this casino is nothing short of a scam. I’m surprised Hideous Slots endorses it here. 

Firstly, there’s a fee to withdraw as we know. Long withdrawal times too. I was also able to cancel a pending withdrawal, which is a big no no. (Which is strange because they reference UKGC rules about withdrawal cancellations, but describe this as ‘a temporary restriction’) Another big no no is quick spins, I was able to quick spin Wild Swarm. Did you also know they also charge a monthly fee if you don’t use or login to the account after a period of 12 months. 

And then there’s customer support, which is non existent. 

The only positive is that I took a little bit of money off them, cashed out and closed the account. 

You have been warned!

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Withdrawals fees are allowed. They may be higher than other casinos, or too high for some to consider reasonable, but it is perfectly legal to have them and we outline those withdrawal fees at the top of the Casino Review, so anyone signing up from here has been warned about those. It's unfortunate, but Casinos readily available in the UK is shrinking due to the UKGC. You yourself have said that you were able to cash out, despite considering the wait a big long, but there are other casinos that players struggle to get very small withdrawals from. My advice to anyone is to always read reviews before signing up. There are many available alongside ours.

Regarding having a quick spin option or the ability to cancel a withdrawal, those options should not be there, and I’ll certainly get Will to check why those options were available to you as they shouldn’t have been.

Aside from complaints about the Withdrawals Fees, which are clearly outlined, there haven’t been any players here that have had a problem, and I’m not sure I consider them to be a scam as I think that word is thrown around quite lightly and has lost its intended meaning. There was one player in February who won £12,000 from around £100 worth of deposits. He was asked for some verification, but he had the money in his bank account within a week. But like I say, I’ll get Will to look into it and make sure the right restrictions are in place for UK players

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