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Sow checks

Colin m

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Not personally had any issues with this but a do see and hear a lot of people complaining about not being able to get withdrawal of funds without having to supply loads of information and paper work to casinos but why do casinos ask for this information only after players request withdrawals surly if this kind of info is required then it should be done at point of sign up then there would be no issue when it comes to withdrawals,

also casinos must know that doing these kind of practices are very damaging for there own reputation and business look at the recent hyperlinx example surly anyone that seen that video Will never play at that groups casinos so just doesn’t make sense to me and does seem very unfair on the customer that they are happy to take deposits and only raise issues when withdrawals are requested

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I've never been asked for a Source of Funds, so haven't really had the full experience but I have seen a lot of complaints online. However, I feel quite strongly that since SOW is intended to ensure players are gambling responsibly, and are using their own funds (in line with AML Regulations) they should not be allowed to deposit whilst undergoing these checks. There are some casinos that actually have written within their terms and conditions that once you pass a withdrawal threshold you can be asked for extra details and verification, so it's very easy for them to trigger these checks upon requesting withdrawals, so I think they should be able to trigger them upon a deposit, and decline the deposit until these checks are made.

They can't check everything at sign up, but there are a few things they do check (more on that here), but I definitely feel like they could trigger their checks upon a deposit threshold instead, and freeze the entire account to conduct them. A further benefit to this is that players will know as they approach that target and be prepared with their documentation, and know that they may have a long wait ahead, whereas we never know when we will pass a withdrawal threshold.

I'm not entirely sure why the UKGC allow casinos to continue to accept deposits whilst running checks to be honest. If a casino needs to run a check to make confirmations, all financial transactions should cease. I think so anyway. Finding a casino that agrees with me is a different story, though.

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A still don’t agree with the whole thing and think there should be a industry standards that all casinos should follow and that any required documents must be produced at the point of sign up then that would surly take all the problems the we have all seen and a lot have experienced away,

a know sow checks have to do with responsible gambling and money laundering etc but why do casinos wait till withdrawal request before asking for them and then are externally difficult with many while processing them,

if you do a quick search online to casino reviews pretty much every casino has a bad reputation and most of if not all the reviews the problems have came when customers have done withdrawal request a know this isn’t the case for all customers but there is so much negative reviews and complaints there is clearly a problem and from a business sense it is not good at all to do damage to you own businesses reputation  

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