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Martin D guess

Matt Collins

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Just watched the £6500 bonus hunt for 25/5/2021, whilst watching i noticed a guy by the username Martin D take a few guesses as to what a few of the bonuses would pay. I always try and do the same but only in my head as a self task, but he actually mentioned it in the comments. One of his guesses was 50x and will said he could have a t-shirt if it was 50x and the bonus hit 49x an the second one i see he said it would get 75x and it was actually dead on 75x. Give the guy a t-shirt just for participating even if its not for getting 2 guesses almost bang on both times. Keep it up, all the best. 

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Cheers Matt, much appreciated for the heads-up. A t-shirt would be truly welcome.. but unfortunately I'm only a Mild Meatball so i don't think i would get one . On the other hand i think you deserve one more for your spot on observations. Top Man !! 

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Martin D, if Will said he’d give you a T-shirt for getting it right - being 1x out is close enough for me! Drop me a direct message with your size and address and I’ll post it out to you.

10/10 for your observations Matt - send me a direct message with your address and I’ll send you out a hideous slots mug 👍

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