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Who will win the Epsom classics


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Who will win 2 of the greatest horse races in the world 

though I live in the Philippines now 

I used to live in Epsom in the days of the derby being run on Wednesday the Sunday before was market stall time on the downs thousands of people for(  show out as it was then alas no more )

Wednesday would come see all the open deck busses going down our road we would all watch (my wife 3 boys and I )as they made their way to the downs 

we would get our picnic ready and head off for a great days fun 

thousands upon thousands of people all of Epsom shops would close for the day we would get there early to get a bit of ground to lay our blanket ready for our picnic 

as the time neared everyone was getting excited as the royal procession made its way up the course after our picnic it was off to find a generous looking bookie to place my bets usually one close by so it was easy to collect my winnings ( if I was lucky enough ) after the derby we would make our way home to beat the crowds still a few bob left win or lose for fish and chip for tea 

that was after we stood on the corner of the road to see the queen and royal family go by we would wave our Union Jack flags home then for tea and then look forward to the next year 

when it changed to Saturday the atmosphere changed was not the same anymore shame 

these are my memories of derby day of the past 

this 2021 derby I think Johnnie leeper has a good chance and saffron beeches to win the Oaks giving Alan Kirby a great chance of a double I will get my son to put on my 2 win singles and a each way double 

have fun fingers crossed keep safe and happy good luck 

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Alan Kirby won the. Derby but not on Jonny leaper he was mocked off by Frankie detorri 

so Alan  Kirby rode a godolphin horse my son put a. Few bob on at 20/1 for me and it romped home 16/1 

the oaks horse and jonny Leaper nowhere but still ended in profit 

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