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Only about 6 weeks till schools close for the summer


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With the summers in uk being so hit and miss you want to make the most of the good weather 

without spending too much time in the kitchen and we don’t want fast food 

so start planning on meals that you can freeze then days of going out take something out of the freezer into the fridge then when you get home while everyone is reflecting on a great day out you put your meal in microwave or if potatoes or pastry topped meal then into the oven by time all washed and had cup of coffee relaxed meal is ready (make sure it hot in middle so you know it’s safe to eat )

Leading up to the holidays start cooking 1 or 2 extra meals a week then by time children finish for summer holidays you will have 14 or 16 meals all ready (when freezing food cool it down first then put in to tightly sealed containers put label on saying what it is when you made it )rotate your meals yesterday I cooked diced beef casserole bought extra meat then had enough left over for a beef pie made extra pastry then today I cooked minced beef hotpot cooked extra mince made 6 Cornish pasty with the left over pastry I now have 2 spare meals to be eaten in next couple weeks 

enjoy have a great time planning your meals eat healthy 

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