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Jamming jars 2 question


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1 hour ago, realragingrhino said:

So I've got to max level on jamming jars 2 is the the top level and what triggers the giga jar.since doing so haven't seen any more gold discs yet. I want to up my stake but when is best to do so... thnx in advance

Hi there should be instructions for the game on Jammin Jars screen.

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My understanding of it was that it is similar to Wild Swarm and now that you have it matched, each tim you get a gold disc it CAN trigger the Giga Jar feature. As for switching up stake, I’m not sure. My guess is it would be similar to Wild Swarm but I’ve not actually played it myself yet. 

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It is like Wild Swarm. I did trigger it yesterday after 8 discs and paid 52x. They tend disappear once you reach the max level 
but maybe that was my bad luck. Cost £150 to land and paid £20. But I did play through my normal stake instead of the 
10p till max and then increasing stake. 

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