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Games you hate, or at least wont play.


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I have at least three.....

Goonies, not sure why but I just cant stand the game.

Napoleon, I bonused this three times in one session and had zero back each time. I know that's the breaks but jees.....

Monopoly Megaways, It takes so long to bonus. I play at 20p ( I am cheap), and built the bonus and had spent somewhere between £80-90 to get the bonus, I got £4.84 back. 

I know that's why its called gambling............

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Ok, I'm gonna let the fact that I feel targeted over the Monopoly comment slide 😅 I have loads that never pay me but I still like them - when I used to use Videoslots I always had a good laugh looking at my individual game RTP. Stacked Fire Sevens always hated me, and Goonies never liked me either!

Games I won't play... Probably the really high variance ones.  I like Pop and Millionaire by BTG, but most BTG, Nolimit & Megaways additions I wouldn't usually play often. I give them all good reviews because they are honestly smashing games but I'm just too impatient to wait for a bonus haha. Back when we had bonus buys though Extra Chilli and Temple of Treasure were always my fave 🙂

Oh and I hate Genie Jackpots Megaways. Screw that shit.

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Games that we love to hate but play anyway 🤔there can be only one ‘Wild Flower 🌹

This game absolutely infuriates me !

This might be a surprise to you but I never fail to bonus it when I play it even the enhanced bonus is fairly happy to say hello 👋 but ….


I cannot for the life of me get this bloody  game to pay anything like it should .I’ve never had a bonus pay more than 46x enhanced or otherwise  ! Believe me I’ve tried 🤷‍♂️

Low stakes , medium stakes up to max £3 nothing , nada , zilch 🤪


It loves paying me 8x in the bonus absolutely loves it it’s a right old barsteward 🤯

Not quite the reply to the title but I thought I’d share this with you 😃

Watch this space for an entry into the big  win section ! Yeah right 🤔then I woke up 😀

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Any monopoly game - they all give me terrible bonuses!

More recently been annoyed at Blueprint games - had 300 spins on Ted with no win over 3x, and some terrible runs on Wubba and Goonies as well - few hundred spins on each without a green key/portal gun etc 😞 


Wild Flower - ive had enhanced bonus twice and both times paid less than 10x. Normal bonus ive had average of probably 20x as well, but then i did have a base game 385x win with the red woman and an 8x so overall still going to try this to see what i can hit!



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