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Moriarty 5on 5 @5


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Good morning to you all hi will 

Just finished watching the 5@5 was really good to start off with with extra free spins 

then took time to show again I wonder how long and how much it would have cost to land all 5 bonuses 

I think too much depends on Watson or Sherlock bonuses turning up 

to spend 750 on a bonus buy is too much yes at the end of the day you made a 600+ profit 

would the outcome still been a profit had you ploughed on for the 5 natural bonuses 

I enjoyed watching the game but don’t think I will put it in my Sunday selection 

have a fun day see you on Wednesday evening slots 

take care be happy healthy enjoy 

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I agree 750 is rather high for a bonus buy, most of the buys we do during normal streams are between 100 and 400. The reason Will went so high in this case was because he’d committed to being on the 5 Euro stake with the 5 on 5 concept. 

The bonus does rely heavily on Watson and Sherlock making appearances, but I do really think those additional mechanics work well with a Megaways game. 

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