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Whats Your Game of the Year so far


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My Game of the Year so far is not Lil Devil surprise surprise ,its Baron Bloodmore made by Thunderkick , the free spins bonus isnt that special unless you can hit the Crimson cash bonus 

The Crimson cash bonus itself has been awesome to me with some great hits (maybe im just lucky) ive also had like x10 in this bonus but more often than not it pays over 60x in my case

My best wins on the game are 734x 990x and 1996x (i will put pics up on the forum)

 When the Crimson Cash Bonus game is active, the normal reels are replaced with a different set which only contain special symbols, bet multiplier symbols (starting at x1 to x50) or empty spaces. Once in, 3 spins start the round, and every time a symbol lands, it locks in place plus resets the counter back to 3. At the end of the bonus round, the values of all bet multipliers are added together before being paid out. 

 One is a pattern collection feature. In the bonus game, you'll see a pattern of 5 illuminated symbol positions. When these positions are filled, the bet multiplier of the illuminated symbols is added together. The total amount is added to the middle symbols and then doubled. All affected symbols, except the middle position, are then removed, and a new pattern is generated.

Two more symbols round off the bonus round. One is the spawn symbol which adds its own multiplier to all other symbols on the reels. Lastly, when copy Symbols land, the value of all other symbols in view is added to itself. (stole all this from a review) 

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My game of the year has to be ‘Venus fly trap’ sorry Wild flower. 

From the time I load this ‘lil shop of horrors’  my ‘heart beats faster’  at the speed it rinses my balance it is truly ‘a beautiful thing ‘ to behold.


I am but a fly caught in its trap.


You have been warned 😆😆 

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