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Friday bonus guess


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Hi Chloe 

I went on the forum lunchtime on Friday was going to leave a guess for the amount from the bonus hunt 

but could not find a link 

was there one or was I too early 

my guess would have been 5952 (my birthday) hehe 

have a great weekend shopping first then settle down for Friday bonus hunt spent all morning today making icecream 

fresh strawberries whoopee a luxury here avocado one Oreo one and a banana one 

I put in my pick for Sunday slots mustang gold hehe I can hear will now so better keep that a secret don’t want to ruin his weekend 

any luck with a dentist yet 

when I was in uk I used to go to a chiropractor every month brilliant but here they were too far or too expensive 100 pound plus per visit but this morning while out walking with my wife we noticed a new one opening today hoo (we will save rah till I find out more about ) waiting for them to ring 

then as a treat Burger King for breakfast egg bacon (real bacon yummy) rice ice tea less then 3 pounds then I get senior citizen 20% discount 

have fun weekend gosh that message went on sorry 

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Hi John! We usually post it on Friday evening, around 5-6pm once the bonus collection before the stream has finished. Since you're in a different time zone though, if you ever want to put a guess in you can send me a message beforehand, I just might not have the list of bonuses yet, but you're welcome to take a random guess! I've been assigned a new dentist, but I really liked my old dentist so I'm a bit disappointed - she was lovely. I would love a senior citizen discount in Burger King - do you get it in McDonalds too? I'd eat it every day haha

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