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I started so I’ll finish 🤣


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Ok guys ,

We have started a jammin 2 build .

I convinced Bev it was a good thing but these women ain’t daft she said to me “ oh like the build on wild swarm you did and had your arse given to you 🤷‍♂️“ 

So I’m £300 quid in level 3 just on .20p to build and I’m not to confident .

Im praying to the slot gods here 🙏🏻 

Watch this space. More to come 😝

take care you hideous lot xx

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Ok , its 2 hrs since I posted my last message and we triggered the jar 🥴

It was a poor bonus , cost in total deposits £600 this includes a higher stake input at the end.

The bonus paid £288 😩 

Im gonna take a break from the slots they  don’t seem to play anything like they should. 

My luck over the last few months has been just awful. 

Thankfully Bev is luckier than I am and we can offset my horrendous losses a little.


I’ll be sticking to my each way shuffle and to land based casinos for a while.

Take care guys .

❤️  R and B 




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Used to play but came to realise that there’s only ever one winner - luckily for me I find the newer games a pale imitation of those a few years ago and just watch streams.

No shame it doing the same and you can spend the money on real world stuff, especially after July 19th.

take care! 

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