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What’s been your best online slots run?


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So last night we had our best ever run on slots, and managed to catch it live on stream! From a £1000 cash match deposit, we got up to almost 20K, and stopped gambling with a balance of around 19K. What’s been your best ever run, and did you manage to keep the winnings or has it all gone back? 

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My best ever run was back in Feb 2018. I had started with 100 quid deposit, doing 1 quid spins. 

Ended up over 1k,so 10x my money. 

Then I thought sod it, let's try some 25 quid spins as so far up. This was on Mr Green casino on a slot themed around an old style fun fair with the games etc. I got a bonus after about 400 quid and took 22506 win! 900x plus a 6 quid win on the trigger. 

I withdrew 22k, played with the final 1k in there. Added 10k to savings and spent 12k on holidays to Budapest, florida, Japan and a road trip around North East USA!! 


I took this screenshot at the time but cannot for the life of me remember name of the slot, nor have I seen it since!! 


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