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So we have a balance of 19K left from last nights stream, but this needs to be wagered out. What do you think the best approach would be? Go low volatile slots and try and get through wagering as cheaply as possible, or see if this lucky streak continues and go for high volatility slots and actually try to get the balance higher?

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What a legendary stream that was last night.

I'd bonus hunt a big portion of it, and the bonus buy the rest. Surely that should see it through wagering that's left?

Don't go mad with those expensive buys, there's good fun to be had spinning the Kong wheel etc.

It seems a crazy amount of cash for a single stream, so keep the maestro calm at all times. 😄

Good luck to you, this is fully deserved for all your work.

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How much wagering left to do? Lol forward to it on the next stream. 

If you hit it then click withdraw ASAP, but strategy has to be mid of bonus buys and sensible wagering on regular games, no upping the stake to 20 a spin as if you then don't hit bonus will vanish fast.

Don't bother gambling on pop games either, too high risk. I played cherry pop yesterday, gambled 3 times I got bonus and got no spins every time, then on 4th bonus hit I just took the 5 spins and got 240x anyway!! 

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