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Sunday slots


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Good afternoon will 2jags Chloe and all who are reading this 

Firstly the losing of 21k by the casino refusing to pay you out 

I think this is diabolical I hope all is soon rectified why are you still showing euro casino as one to trust and play 

dump them tell all the people that have signed up with them through your site that you can no longer say they are a casino you can trust go play at party

if you owed the casino 21k they soon be after you go get your money 

good luck listening to will it sounded like 2 jags will might not be one in the future I hope I misunderstood that 

you all are part of one see people still saying your using free play rather then your own real money your never going to convince these people so now why bother trying they have 2 choices watch the stream for what it is or don’t their choice ignore them don’t feed their gripes it takes the edge off of the slots 

enough of that now something cheery what lovely stream of viewers picks ( shame mine didn’t get played and people who had not bothered going to the forum got theirs played ) and a lovely profit to end Sunday slots just Wednesday to come then forget about slots and enjoy a well deserved rest and holiday will Chloe enjoy have fun (will it be wedding bells) 

2 jags I hope you will take this opportunity to take the family away children playing on the beech ? Where ever you go enjoy 

all the mods enjoy the break you do a grand job 

have fun be healthy happy and wiser in all you do 


John (Philippines)

ps we are on day 7 of high winds and rain though it is easing 

take care 

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