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Last stream before your vacation


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Hi will 2 jags Chloe mods and all who read this 

well it’s Wednesday time to sort out tonight stream then start packing for your holidays enjoy the stream think positive relax don’t let anyone rile. You 

have a great holiday have fun enjoy you all do a great job entertaining us looking forward to seeing you all after your rest 

take care relax enjoy 

from John 

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Hi Chloe will 

I was happy to hear your now enjoying your well earned rest and not bored anymore 

I thought you was going to post your wedding photos hehe 

have a great time in uk? 
have a fun time 

if you meet up with 2 jags say from me and my wife (Ana )

hope he is having a fun family time with children the best sands are at alum bay on the Isle of Wight 7 natural colour sands no business just fun 

take care 1 and all 

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Hi will I enjoyed your Gold game though very similar to some of their other slots the exchange win for  free spins was good but similar to 

Extra chili my wife enjoyed your vocals (laughed out loud ) 

what about a new style Elvis slot (there was one out about 20 years ago 

so how about bringing out a new Elvis megaway slot 

the features could start by revealing 3 palomino horses (Elvis favourite horse still a palomino horse at Graceland now)

then the different bonuses could be the hound dog plane then working your way up to the Jungle Room via the music room the disc gallery the shooting range 

you could get a upgrade to the next room by revealing 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 

will could sing a Elvis song while wearing a Elvis cape and blue suede shoes side burns as well the jungle room could be the jackpot room with 5 Elvis discs pick one to reveal either free spins or one of the jackpots bronze silver or gold the 5th disc could be trip to the souvenirs shop that’s the booby prize or is it ? Maybe a twist at the end 

well that’s my idea for a new big time gaming slot 

have fun stay happy and safe in all you do 

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Hi 2 jags will Chloe 

we are now out of ECQ and in MECQ now 

what’s the difference well a few extra shops can open the lottery can start up again so the government 

can get revenue when we went into lockdown numbers of covid cases were averaging 5000 now we are running at 11 000 a day. Where’s the logic ? 
we can now resume exercise walking cycling running hooray 

but now age groups have changed was 18- 65 so I could just squeeze in even so I’m am a bit older now 21 - 60  oh dear can’t pass for 59 so roll on end of August when new quarantine status will be revealed 

take care one and all be happy 

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Good evening will 

is the a guess the amount tonight if so can I say 5952.euros please 

nice to see you all back really enjoyed being part of the live stream 

instead of watching the following day hope you will do more early slots so people in Philippines Malaysia Australia can watch live 

hope your enjoying being back as much as we are seeing you 

take care hi to Chloe and 2 jags have a great weekend stay safe happy and relaxed 

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