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Hurry up and come bk will !!

Smitty avfc

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Everyone needs a break from work to recoup their thoughts relax and enjoy themselves we all have 2 weeks (or more) holiday a year to spend doing things other then their normal every day existence work home bed work etc 

will has posted us some great videos for us all to enjoy 

soon he will be back ready to entertain us all again and enjoy the slots 

enjoy your holiday will and Chloe see you when you return 


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How was the seaside 2 jags fish chips on the beech (seagulls trying to Nick your chips )

building sandcastle with the children or walking along the pier looking at the amusement arcade penny slots happy times cherish these memories 

have fun  stay safe be lucky

my son went to casino (grovenor) in Portsmouth to celebrate his wife’s birthday with his brothers roulette here we come only to find table games minimum bet 2pounds instead of 50p that’s a huge hike no wonder not many people there I wonder if all casinos table games are 2 pounds minimum they had a few goes on the slots not the same as they were all looking forward to playing roulette they left went to cinema instead how can ordinary people play at those stakes I know all businesses have struggled with covid instead of business increasing prices or stakes find ways of attracting the customers half empty plane’s people apprehensive about flying instead of attracting customers with special deals they put prices up lower prices get people flying again and they will come back more times then slowly increase IF YOU HAVE TO 

take care to all who read my thoughts 

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