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Summer vacation soon to end


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Hi will Chloe 2. Jags 

well soon you will be back home ready to start doing more live streams (will mustang money pay a big win ? Soon we will see )

may I say Thankyou for ensuring we still have some slots to watch 

all very good glad to see some paid better then others 

I hope you both feel relaxed well fed watered healthy and fit 

I liked the golfing outfit where was the plus fours hehe 

we are on our second strict lockdown here not even allowed to exercise nevermind as long as we get the covid numbers down 

stay fit healthy and have fun 

looking forward to seeing your stream soon 

hi 2 jags have the children worn you out have fun one and all 


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Glad your having fun time with your family 2 jags 

yes the lockdown is strict with a 8pm curfew till 4 am but if it means numbers will go down then that’s great 

I miss my cycling as my legs suffer with no exercise 

nevermind have fun with the children they don’t stay children long worse luck 

( my granddaughter knew how to use mobile and iPad by the time she was 3 years old so no doll or girlie toys ) she is 10 years old now I spoke on Skype with her yesterday it was more like talking to a adult how times change 

take care have fun see you back on slot stream soon



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