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Personal attack

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I've watched this channel for a long time, and I never thought I would be personally attacked the way I was in tonight's live stream.

To hear Will say, that normal people aren't interested in history, is both offensive and misguided, and I will explain why.

If noone ever studied history, then alot of the games you like to play wouldn't exist, Napoleon, deadwood and all the other wild west games, all the Egyptian themed games, and what about centurion megaways, I've seen you hit big on that game, if everyone went to the toilet that game wouldn't exist.

If we exclude slots for a moment, if noone had bothered about history, then we wouldn't be able to enjoy the new Jurassic park movies, and none of us would know what Braveheart was even about.

I hope you see the error in your ways, and actually a historical slot themed bonus hunt might help to make me feel less hurt than I do now.

Enjoy spending the wild swarm money!

Kindest regards





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Hi buddy i don't think Will ever meant to personally attack any one. I agree history plays a big part in slots , movies and so on. But i think the comment you say that was made was not meant to come across that way. Lots of people are not interested in history or the future, but i imagine a lot of people are. Will puts out lots of different types of content and tries to give the viewers what they want, he cant please everyone mate. Why not get your picks in on slot suggestion Sunday that way Some of the great older slots will be played.

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