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Millionaire megaway Wednesday promotion


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Hi will Chloe 2 jags 

great news about the man that won 60000 plus for 60p stake I hope as a lot of other people and your self said that we all hope he does something memorable with the money so in years to come he can say my big win went towards buying this 

well done again a great win 

back to millionaire mega ways it was not a good session for you the bonuses were not very good I didn’t see the megaways sign light all the way up I think apart from spicy meatballs all the other games are just a update or variance on another game I think Nick and his team have run out of ideas I think the payouts on recent games are very poor it doesn’t really say to me wow I want to play this game because it’s a much  of the same thing 

at least with my mustang money we will know that a big win is just around the corner not so sure about millionaire megaways 

Thankyou will and all your team for putting this stream out especially in the morning (uk time ) it means I can watch it live with my wife who also enjoys your stream 

take care one and all be safe be happy and let’s have some more big hits like you did on swarm (a oldish game but full of excitement potential and fun to watch ) maybe older is better hehe have fun once again Thankyou for taking the effort to keep us entertained 


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