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Home made bread filled with ?


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A favourite bread roll 

make your bread dough 

490 grams bread flour 

half teaspoon salt

3 teaspoon dried yeast 2 dessert spoon sugar 

place all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl 

in a measuring jug put 150ml hot water 

2oz butter 

when butter melted add 

150ml fresh milk add the jug of liquid to the dry ingredients and mix when dough leaves the bowl clean then put into bowl cover and leave to rise 

when double in size put onto flour worktop cut dough into 8 pieces roll out then in the middle put your filling grated cheese and tomato make dough into a parcel fold side over then the other side then roll bottom to top so looks like a cigarette shape seal with meted butter 

you can make any filling tuna .cheese ,pizza flavour,sausage,chicken ,bacon (for sausage chicken and bacon cook before putting into the bread )

brush top with melted butter cover and allow to rise (double the size) then put into pre heated oven 225degrees middle rack for 10-15 minutes when nice and golden take out put on wire rack brush with melted butter leave to cool before you eat one 




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