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It's always better to be kind...

Angry Slots

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I had a situation earlier where someone misunderstood & thought they had won a fairly substantial prize. They hadn't, their name was just similar.

It's very easy to just disregard people, to laugh it off, but stop & think for just a moment.

What if that person were struggling at the moment?

What if the perceived prize was more need than want? What if this prize was a life-changer right at this moment?

What if they were at rock bottom, and they had a momentary lapse because of their desperate need? Maybe it wasn't a simple misunderstanding?

It got me thinking a little as I approached how to settle the situation (it was easily sorted, and all went well, thankfully).

ALWAYS be kind, you simply never know the situation of someone online. We can all perceive what we want, but we're very likely to judge others by our own life situation, and perhaps not consider an alternative.

A simple lack of tact online can hurt those who aren't in a good place.  We've all suffered some problems with these past months of lockdown etc.

Stop, think & don't just go half-cocked.  The lack of context online can cause us to behave rashly, abruptly, when more is needed. We can all take just a little more care, to counter this lack of context the online world offers.

Peace out & good luck all x.

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