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Broke the game! Power of Thor megaways!!!


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So I couldn’t sleep, I used Will’s link to sign up to a new casino and tried some 60p spins on hammer off Thor megaways.  

I won 10 spins, gambled to 14, and it wouldn’t let me take more than 9 spins, because I literally broke the game! 60p stake, for a £3,000 return. I’m still in shock.  That’s 5000X return!!  The drinks are on me


i saw Will hit a huge bonus on his stream so fancied a bash, maybe a wee shout out on next stream mate? (name is Steve Mac on YouTube). Love the content keep it up.


wonder what I’ll do now I’ve completed slots



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Cheers brother


I withdrew £2,900, and thought I would just play with the final £100.  I got that up to £400 and thought why not, let’s have another go on 60p.

well ….. it went well….  and I got a 2000X hit today.  That’s £5k from this one game in 2 days playing 60p a go.  My mind is blown!





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