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Casinocruise – scam won't pay you out £7800!!


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Guys if you look at every other genesis casino sister site they all have two common issues! verification and withdrawal! They will take your money easily and then when you win and withdraw they will bombard you with document requests! Verification is expected but once you send what they ask for they will claim it's not accepted and to send something else, buying them another 72 hours as this is the time they state they need to review the documents. After sending documents that every other casino I have joined would accept they kept asking for more! So I did and I send proof of id, proof of address and proof of payment (paypal and bank statements) and the front and back of all my cards and selfies with my documents! And then after all that, they requested proof of my boku account! I deposit with boku on pokerstars allbritish yeti casino and boylesports and never even asked such a thing! ridiculous! There website boku terms even says that the transaction is verified through replying y to the message as this is your approval of the transaction! So I logged in to boku and provided a full history of the boku transactions including the transaction! then they said they want my name and number and bank url in a screenshot!! The phone number is paid as you go and so there aren't any bills! I told this to a live chat advisor and she said that I could provide a bank statement showing me buying the topup voucher! They were bought by cash! So she made a note of all of this and she said that she will escalate the issue and hopefully it will all be approved now! I will update you guys and I will never give up on this! We as customers deserve better as we spend our hard earned money and trust in the casinos the gaming commission has granted licenses! Not to mention they reversed my withdrawal twice already which isn’t allowed in the uk!


We must stick together and all join forces and sign a petition and contact the gaming commission! I will be exploring every avenue. I will update you guys as soon as they sort this out for me guys!


I’m just going to report them directly to the uckgc for breach of section 17 which states our rules say that a gambling businesses can’t ask you to prove your age and identity as a condition of withdrawing your money if they could have asked you at an earlier point. however, there may be occasions where a gambling business can only ask you for information at that time in order to fulfil legal obligations. If a gambling business needs more information before you can withdraw your funds, for example, for anti-money laundering checks, then they should ask promptly and not only when you want to withdraw your funds. where a gambling business delays a request to withdraw funds due to insufficient id, they may be in breach of licence condition 17 – customer identity verification and may be subject to regulatory action. It also states in this section a request made by a customer to withdraw funds from their account must not result in a requirement for additional information to be supplied as a condition of withdrawal if the licensee could have reasonably requested that information earlier. This requirement does not prevent a licensee from seeking information on the customer which they must obtain at that time due to any other legal obligation.


My review will be updated as soon as this issue is sorted. I’ll keep you, updated guys

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I really hope you get the money. Make sure to keep a log of all interactions and try to have them via email so you can keep this record. I would send an email listing what you have provided, and ask what more they need and if they have a time frame for review. Try not to have conversations over live chat - aside from the fact that it's harder to keep track of, with all due respect to anyone working in that department they often do give the wrong advice. You're better contacting the verification team by email.

Regarding your last point it won't get you anywhere, and my advice would be not to waste your time trying to appeal to higher-ups. It's in CasinoCruise terms and conditions that I just checked that once you've withdrawn £2,300 or more you will be subject to their verification checks. This is in line with AML and casinos will usually have the relevant value in their terms that you agree to upon sign up, so they aren't in breach of their licensing conditions unfortunately.

Good luck and I hope it gets sorted soon

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I hope you get it sorted quickly it’s hard enough to get enough of a win to make a withdrawal worth while I would have thought a verification of who you are name age etc etc before you started to gamble as you could have been a minor anyway good luck 

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