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My Cyberslot Megaclusters journey.


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This is not a slot, this is clearly a social experiment from some woke students with nothing better to do than observe how long people will sit in a mindless comatose state for money.

I decided to play it on my phone rather than my super fast P.C because I’m full of good ideas like that. So at 100 spins my phone decides to go on a go-slow, each spin taking longer than the last. But I’m already 100 spins in so too late to change to my PC and start over.

At 200 spins I just couldn’t take it anymore, it got that bad I decided to speak to my kids, yes it’s that mundane that it made me want to talk to my children, my eldest is two and the only thing he’s interested in is Iron Man and head butting walls, as theres no Iron Man slot and head butting walls seems like a stupid thing to do (maybe not as stupid as loading up Cyberslot) so the conversation ran dry pretty quick.

At 300 spins (which by now I could of bonused chocolates and got a lil devil heart stopper) I was climbing the walls, the big wild sign on the game is mocking me, it’s starting to jump up and land in exactly the same place it started knowing full well that’s the only place where a connection can’t be made, it’s laughing at me. I’m sure every time I get to X6 a computerised female voice comes up and says “that’s enough for now”. 

Spin 400 and now it’s starting to bash the balance a little, strangely I’m a little happy inside that this may be over soon but it’s bitter sweet because I know when it ends my wife wants me to take her and the kids to Wetherspoons for lunch, she’s so working class but just like Cyberslots I’m already invested in her. The question in my mind is do I put even more money into cyberslots and claim poverty thus avoiding Wetherspoons? No even the depressing stench of poor people with alcoholism along with rubber tasting food is preferable to this stupid dog *^^* game.

Spin 500. It’s just paid me 50 X in the base game destroying my soul as I know  my balance is good for another 500 spins, I’m thinking of taking up a religion, preferably one that frowns upon gambling. But WAIT!

Spin 525 - BONUS. Yes an actual bonus! I sit here feeling a sense of accomplishment that only a slot player would understand, dumb luck and disposable income have combined to bring me to this point, a handful of free spins……


What will it pay out?

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Great Post. Until you started knocking us plebs that drink in weatherspoons. 

We don't all like £80 bottles of vinegar piss. That the pretentious says taste good. Just cos of price 🤣🤣

The world is built on working class, not CEOs. That dress in women's clothes and get there wives to wear strap ons on there days off. 

But I'm sure your weatherspoons jibe was a joke. Like my reply 🙄

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