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Thor done it again 5000x


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After a good hit in the week I thought I would give Thor another go so just stuck in £50. Started off 60p got a bonus not bad about money back raised the stake to 80p and lost. Reloaded with £100 and raised to £1.20 played well but no bonus until Thor got his hammer out and put me just over money back. Thought I would just go for it so stuck it on £1.40 and it was really good hovering around the £100 mark then the bonus dropped in. I took 10 as I didn’t like the look of the gamble. Bonus started with Thor’s hammer on 1x so I was like ‘here we go’ but then on spin 6 he got his hammer out again and hit non premium, then it shifted over and hit Thor reels 1 2 and linked on 5 it started the big win screen and was going mental counted up to about 3 gibs and it crashed and chucked me off… I nearly shit myself when on the home screen and my balance was still £100. Quickly fired up the game and just got the end screen you’ve won £7000. That is my biggest win to date I am absolutely chuffed it was just a shame that I didn’t see it count all the way up.2B82FCCE-09D3-4498-B5BE-69704FC676D5.png.a27d848ba26fa7d681c9d00b9bdedfaa.png

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On 9/24/2021 at 12:14 PM, hooddin said:

It never seems to pay if you gamble to top. I banned this game because the gamble is nearly impossible lost 13 in a row so I just ..naah. Not going to bother with it ever. But damn, nice win :) 

I’ve watched so many loosing gambles on streams so only take the 10. On other games with the gamble for spins and multi I always pick mystery

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