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Support for serious leg fracture from a devoted fan


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Hi everyone / hideous 

I’ve been watching your videos now for such a long time and have got involved from time to time with the streams my names Jordan Taylor not sure if you remember me but basically a week or so ago I had a terrible accident falling from a first floor balcony, I broke my femur shaft in a life threatening way which has left me in a very painful state of recovery, I was lucky to survive I’m running a GoFundMe page so I can afford to get some of the aid equipment and therapy the NHS doesn’t give out as I am in agony constantly, I have severe depression and mental health issues as well that don’t help the situation. Watching your videos since it happened is something that brings me great joy and I was hoping you could maybe share my GoFundMe amongst the amazing community. The link is below and I’ve posted a photo along with it. Please don’t worry if you don’t want to donate I just wanted to share my story and hopefully if anyone else has been through something similar they can see they are not alone - much love - Jordan 🙂 



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