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John Hall


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Good Morning Chloe 

really enjoyed reading about the slots and they are run by a number generator 

I was told that machine can be set to have a easy pay (pay lots especially with new machine )

medium payouts (when you have got good numbers playing your machine /game )

Hard payout (when the machine is set to take take take and not give ) it will be still be number generator 

if you look when will plays a new game it bonuses easy then next time a bit more difficult then later on really difficult to bonus 

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and would be interested in what you have to say 

A great website and streams keep it up 

kindest regards 



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Hi John!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading them 🙂 I certainly notice with newer games we sometimes see a lot more of those huge wins - a couple of obvious examples of this would be San Quentin and Fire In The Hole by Nolimit City, both paying out their max win within a few days of release. I think for the newer games, a lot more people choose to play them for a couple of reasons. First, they're usually at the top of the Casino, but also (and in particular games like San Quentin) they're quite hyped before release, and it gets players excited. Nolimit City actually give us the average amount of spins for the maximum win within their Game Information, so we know that San Quentin on average will pay the maximum win once in every 1.8billion spins. The obvious answer to this would be that at the start players across the globe try these new games, surpassing billions of spins, and we're far more likely to see that maximum win earlier on. As time then goes on, less spins are taken, until eventually we see the maximum win less and less frequently. Of course, RTP also factors in here because even for the players who don't hit the maximum win, there are some huge hits available, and with extremely volatile games it is far more likely that we'll see a small amount of monster hits, rather than a large amount of smaller wins. It is what makes the games interesting, but also what proves the greatest risk.

RTP and volatility in general factors quite heavily into your comments, because an example of "easy payout" would be a Low Volatility Slot like The Goonies, or an extremely popular slot (often a newer game like you said) where it seems to bonus and payout quite often. These types of slot both fall into this category but for different reasons. Lower Volatility Slots would pay frequently because they're not paying life changing amounts of money, and are often capped at around 1,000x. Because of this, they can afford to bonus more frequently and have a much lower curve for what a player could expect to win. On the other side, popular and newer slots seem to pay out more often because as mentioned above, so many players across the globe are playing them, so they can afford to pay out some pretty huge wins based on the amount of money wagered, whilst still remaining within the RTP bracket.

An example of a hard payout could either be a game that isn't overly popular, or a game that is High/Extreme Volatility, but again for separate reasons. For unpopular games, less spins will be taken, so if there is an average amount of spins for the max win, it will more than likely take longer to hit, but also there's less money wagered in general, so less room for huge payouts whilst still maintaining the house edge. High/Extreme Volatility slots again seem "hard" in their payout approach, but this is because of the scale of wins available. When we see players win 100,000x plus, it is incredible to witness, but it is important to remember that the reason these slots can pay so much for one player is because they can take so much from another. 

And then medium payouts would sit somewhere in the middle - somewhat popular slots, or Medium Volatility.

I know very little about land based machines though, so if you have any questions about those @2Jags is your man!

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Good morning chloe

Thankyou for you quick interesting answer 

Looking forward to part 2 of your article on slots 

looking forward to seeing Sunday night slots I will watch Monday morning as we are 7 hours in front of uk 

take care have a fun day 

do you think it possible if I pay for postage I might ask 2Jags for a mug 

have fun 

kind regards 


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Great explanation there Chloe. I’d imagine also that the huge wins are usually hidden in the bonus rounds. So with games where people can buy the bonus over and over, they are effectively reducing the odds down of hitting a big win. You also don’t tend to hear about the people who have done hundreds of bonus buys and seen the other end of the scale and been very unlucky with the bonuses. 

@Jfh I’m more then happy to send you a mug John, either send me a private message with your address, or email me at [email protected]

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Nowhere is this more evident than with the like of Big Bass Bonanza.

It took a while to hit the commercial outfits like PP, Betfair etc and it was bonusing like it was broken for the first week or so.  It's no longer broken now!

I have noticed that certain times of the day, its like a switch has been flicked.



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