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Hideous Slots Community Vote 2023


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Hi everyone! We're eager to get your opinion on the year 2023 and the slots that have been released so far! Some exciting releases still to come, but we're focusing on those that have come so far this year.

With hundreds of games released every year we can't possibly include every release, so we've made some executive decisions and presented you with a choice of 18 studios and 15 games.

Place your vote by clicking this link.

We do not collect nor store the email address of anyone who votes.

There are two polls - Game Studio of the Year and Slot of the Year. Please vote in both.

Options are in alphabetical order in both polls.

We'll also be giving two £25 Amazon Vouchers and two Hideous Slots Hoodies away.

For a chance to win a voucher or hoodie just comment underneath and tell us your thoughts/which way you voted.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone feels!

18+. One prize per person. This thread will lock 09 December at 23:59. Winners will be drawn after this.

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I voted print studios because I'm a massive fan of Holy Hand grenade and just think they smashed it in terms of games. Darkness, Shinobi Spirit and Royal Potato just to mention a few. Always feel like their bonuses are entertaining because of the potential they all have and I feel like they always get the graphics spot on. Enough to keep them entertaining for me anyway 

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Elk - pirots , this game have super fun gameplay and cool features,  as new Pirots 2 was released recently I'm even more amazed,  its way better then first one and it brings even more fun , elk studio work really hard to make this game look outstanding and gameplay really fun and cool.

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Voted for Print due to royal potato and holy hand grenade but difficult for game of the year as I don't think this has been the best year for new games the big releases in the main have disappointed - giga jars, razor returns you could go on so hopefully 2024 providers can start to think more about interesting base game mini features instead of bonus buys - I don't really play any more but love the content and allows me to experience the games without having to play 


It would be great if BTG came back with a bang 

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