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The gentleman gambler

Johnathan simonson

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His channel is growing and it’s great to see as he has put a lot of effort in!

I will try and find the clip but he had a really interesting moment where, a few weeks apart, he had exactly the same spin on Diamond Mine. He spotted it as it was a big win and looked familiar. 

Worth a look and changed my understanding of how games work a little bit! Maybe a smarter one among us can shed some light on that (I’m looking at you @2Jags & @Chloe!)

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Yeah this happened a while ago to two different streamers on Jammin' Jars. Push Gaming's response said the odds of it happening were roughly 1 in 1.3 million, but it can happen. What actually happens visually on your slot spin is completely irrelevant to the maths behind it. I know we joke about "near misses" but whether you're one symbol away from jackpot or 10 symbols away, the maths still says you didn't win it. When you take a spin on a slot the Random Number Generator generates your number (result) and the symbols just fall into place to represent the amount you've won. Thinking about it like that tends to take a lot of the fun out of it for most people though. In games like Goonies we've probably seen the same wins before, especially with the key triggers, but with only 15 spots on the board it probably isn't as noticeable to us and probably isn't a very big win to be etched into our memories. But probably everyone that has played goonies has triggered the Win Spin from the Green Key and had 9 top symbols on the first 3 reels, and we probably haven't paid attention to what falls on the last two, but only so many combinations are possible in those 6 spots.

I noticed in a stream a few weeks ago that 3 different people told me they had won 3,000x in the base game of Primal, which I've had before, and that it was exactly 3,000x and all of us got it in the same way. One of the photos is actually in the gallery, and although mine was so long ago I can't remember, I'm fairly certain it's the same win, or at least extremely similar. There's just only so many combinations, even with Megaways, and they will be repeated, we just don't expect them to be repeated back to us

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Yes. Worth noting that there is obviously a massive overlap with losing combinations as well. Although it is funny for the same player to have the same combo just weeks apart. Depending on various things such as reel layout, certain combinations could come in more often than others anyway (think about a simple Bar X slot - lots of 0s compared to Bars) 

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